TMA iServiceDesk

TMA iServiceDesk is TMA's web-enabled interface that provides a user-friendly web forum to submit, query, and report on work requests. Requesters can be kept informed via e-mail or can query the status of their request or work order throughout the entire process.

Additional functionality of TMA iServiceDesk includes the following:

  • Submit work requests
  • List open and complete work orders
  • Query for selected work requests and work orders
  • Check status of work requests and work orders
  • Post a user-defined facility news page
  • Display emergency procedures and links to other sites
  • Submit material requests via a standardized material request form including the ability for the user to designate where materials are to be delivered **
  • Access an online catalog of supplies and materials **
  • Access, complete, and submit client satisfaction surveys for in-house technicians or contractors *
  • Submit project requests *
  • Submit key requests
  • Run selected reports directly from the browser without having to log in to the TMA application
  • Make use of single user ID and Password (LDAP)

By using TMA iServiceDesk's open and modifiable HTML, you can create custom pages. iServiceDesk provides users with the ability to publish selected data to thousands of end users or clients at one facility or around the world.

    * TMA Enterprise only
  ** TMA Enterprise and TMA WorkGroup only